Team USA


The American Eagle flight that brings us from Atlanta to Miami is the smallest plane I've ever been on. That's why it's a surprise when the connecting flight from Miami to Port Au Prince is a jam-packed 737. Fresh-faced teenagers and young adults in brightly colored t-shirts are everywhere. Red is TEAM MISSION from First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Kansas. Mission of Hope has opted for gray with a smartly designed logo on the chest, while Forward to Health is in Chartreuse and Vermont Medical Response Team is in yellow. When it's finally time to board, Janis and I poke fun at Eddie as he finds his seat in business class. We make our way back to our center aisle seats in the back among a handful of Haitian families, who sit quietly, in stark contrast to the polite but lively teenagers up front.

The flight to Haiti is just 1 hour and 40 minutes, closer to Miami than Atlanta. I've never been to a third world country and as much as I’ve anticipated this trip, there's no way I can be ready for the world I'll walk into in under two hours.