Vive la différence

“Vive la différence between sojourning and touring” my Aunt Reba recently wrote in response to a post about my mom’s discomfort with my freestyle approach to traveling. It was clear our weekend tour of Florence was over when we spent the last 4 hours of the trip sitting in traffic on a bus and then trudging our way through the dank and dirty metro, carrying our suitcases up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs.

This morning, as our trip to Rome begins, my mom looks content as our driver loads our bags into the trunk of his black Mercedes. There will be no sojourn today. Instead, we will spend the 75 minute drive to the Girona airport drinking wine, eating almonds, apples, and the cheese mom bought on her day trip to the Montserrat monastery yesterday. “Admit it”, she says as  she switches the season finale of Mad Men to full screen view on her laptop.“This is way better than the bus”.

It’s hard to argue.