Writer's Block

Ok, so apologies to my regular readers (Hi mom! Hi Aunt Reba!) for the lull in posting. It’s ironic that a trip to Florence -- the one place I’ve wanted to visit pretty much my whole adult life – would trigger a terrible case of writer’s block from which I still haven’t recovered. I suppose it has something to do with the sheer bigness of it all; the surreal feeling of walking through a Tuscan travel poster in 3D; the daunting pressure of adding words to the thousands upon thousands already written about the city at the very heart of Italy's renaissance.  After turning it over in my head for nearly a week, I’ve decide it’s a futile enterprise.

I will simply say this: Florence inspired me. Seeing it moved me in an almost startling way, like reading a great poem for the very first time.

If I ever buy a villa or have a honeymoon or become an expat retiree, you can be sure I’ll do it in Florence.