BareMy friend Jeff suggested in a recent email that my blog posts are a bit long/heady/serious to be easily read by someone with self-diagnosed ADD. “Post some butt shots or something”, he said. His feedback is timely. Amanda and I were just chatting yesterday about the fun and excitement of Spain’s “bare-as-you-dare” beach culture. This is my first exposure to topless beaches, much less full on nudity. The experience has been eye-opening, in more than the obvious way.

Topless is generally the rule here. Women of all ages and body types go without  -- no matter how big, small, tan, fit, saggy or low -- au naturale is in. After a few seconds of being startled by this massive difference in culture, I’m amazed at how quickly it becomes completely uninteresting. They’re just bodies, after all. We all have them, and we all realize they don't usually look like the ones in movies. I mean, seriously, what’s the big deal? Remember the congressman who tried to ban Schindler's List from being shown on t.v. because of the nudity? Sometimes we Americans are insane.

But enough of all that. Back to the nudity. Or even more fun, the dudity! Yes, even the men in Spain let it all hang out! It’s not all that common here on Barceloneta Beach, but Amanda says there’s a place in Mallorca that’s a virtual forest of sticks and berries! I can’t wait to see for myself on my next visit, although it does present a small dilemma. I mean, I can't just go and observe.

I haven’t done it yet, but perhaps I should. When in Rome, right?