countdownI'm sub-72 hours until my Catalan adventure begins and I haven't started packing yet. Actually, its more accurate to say I started packing 3+ weeks ago thanks to the encouragement and hands-on assistance of my mother (how cute and sweet is that?) but I've since unpacked almost everything from its neat position in my two oversized suitcases. I mean, did I really think I was going to wear a black t-shirt and jeans for 3 weeks straight? Not that I haven't before, but I like to think I'm beyond all that now. So, tonight I'm crossing off a few more to-dos, namely those that can be done while my unpacked clothes run through the rinse cycle and I watch Bravo reruns with a mild Tecate buzz. Start Blog is now one less thing. I guess a travel blog is routine vacation practice these days, though for me it's a fresh attempt at journaling, a noble enterprise to be sure, but one I've never stuck with for more than 2 contiguous days. Now that I have an audience (again, my mom is sweet that way), I'm not-so-secretly hoping the practice takes hold and becomes something I keep up after this adventure ends.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Today I started my blog. Tomorrow I'll pack. After that, there's just one thing left on my to-do list: dive into this experience. By being present in this step, the next one will reveal itself. Right?