Hi, I’m Mary Frances.

If you’re interested, check out my bio. If you have a story to tell, let’s meet for coffee.



As Roadie’s Head of Marketing, community-building is job one. In a two-sided marketplace, that means talking to companies like Delta, L’Oreal, The Home Depot and Walmart in one breath; and then to rideshare drivers and average Jane consumers in the next. I lead our team in all aspects of demand generation, customer acquisition and growth, working closely with product, sales, operations and support to keep everyone aligned towards common goals. We have an exceptional team, so I’m lucky I get to spend most of my time on the work I love most: thought leadership, brand evangelism and customer engagement. I have a strong product marketing sensibility and am at my best leveraging content to merchandise products, build awareness and grow top line revenue.


Before Roadie, I owned a content and design agency called Two Way. It was the culmination of a 15-year-long career pivot from traditional agency brand planning to full-stack digital marketing. Start-ups were (and are) my sweet spot, and I worked with founders and other start-up thinkers to launch new products and ventures from brands as diverse as NCR, Intercontinental Hotels Group, SunTrust, PGi, Kabbage, Scoutmob, MailChimp, BIP Capital, Atlanta Tech Village and a gaggle of early stage and growth companies. Running an agency was my dream job. And then I got the chance to do something bigger. 


  • I don’t have hobbies per se, but when I’m not working, I'm at the yoga studio, nesting, or hiking with my dog.

  • I’m a podcast junkie. Don’t ask me about it unless you have at least 20 minutes to kill.

  • I love German cars and hillbilly music. Bluegrass is a vastly underrated music genre.

  • Bungee jumping is the most terrifying thing I’ve done, followed closely by leaving my career in my mid-thirties to go to grad school. As a rule, I think jumping is the best way to get unstuck.

  • I’m painfully shy, a fact the surprises most people.